Open ALL WEEK,  everyday of the year!  Yes, even holidays.  From  9am - 9pm. 

Historic Casanova Liquor of Hudson, WI since 1896

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Our Beloved Staff

Enjoy service from beer geeks and winos who know beer, wine, and spirits inside and out.

Meet our crew

Jana: The Wino: Jana is in charge of our fantastic and everchanging wine section. We take a lot of pride in our unique eclectic wine selection and thanks to Jana there is always something new and fun. Jana loves teaching others about wine (she used to be a first grade teacher) and personally tastes each wine that hits the shelf to ensure it meets our standards.
John: The Maintenance Guy: John's motto is "if it ain't broke, fix it anyway". Chances are, you will notice something different each time you enter our store thanks to John's hard work.
Tyrrell: Our Fearless Leader: Tyrrell is the glue that keeps Historic Casanova Liquor together. He is responsible for making us the craft beer mecca we have become today. In addition he is a wealth of knowledge  for any product in the store. He wears many hats, but looks best in a sombrero.
Stella: The Guard Dog: Chances are you've been greeted a time or two by Stella as you enter the store. If she could have one thing in life it would be an endless supply of belly rubs. Stella holds the record for most bottles broken in one year, but she makes up for it in cuteness. Say hi next time you see her!